History of Massey University

Inspired by the Vice-Chancellor, Open Lab was approached by the Vice-Chancellor’s Office to design a chronological depiction of the university’s history. The project was carried out in collaboration with IndiTouch, an interactive display company based in Albany. It was the first time we designed for a giant touch screen — an innovative experience for our designers and end users alike.


The media rich design exhibits the University’s history from year 1913 to present. Aimed at students, alumni, staff and visitors; users are able to physically interact with the screen to explore and learn about the history of the University — a unique and engaging way to experience the chronicle!

170125-HOMT-12.jpg (1)

We designed signage to surround the screens and to attract attention from a distance. The project was then launched in four locations at all three campuses across the country. Two are positioned to face outdoors that passing foot traffic can interact with.

The flexibility of the digital platform allows for live changes to be made and comprehensive reporting of user engagement. Following the launch, subsequent years are continually added to contribute to the Massey University legacy.


The interactive screens are located at every campus. Opposite the library in Wellington, in the Student Centre complex and University House foyer in Manawatu, and Student Central in Albany.