Ephemera workshop


Workshop attendees and their self-directed ephemera

01 Sep 17

Michael and I were invited to speak at The Alexander Turnbull Library as part of the opening of their new exhibition, Humble; The life of 100 small objects. The exhibition showcased a small proportion of the National Library of New Zealand treasured Ephemera Collection.

The talk began with ourselves explaining how Open Lab works and what makes Open Lab unique within the creative industry. Michael and I used this opportunity to present our own ephemera and discovered what it says about ourselves. Michael’s first ball ticket and Bad Jelly the Witch itinerary made hearts melt while my ephemera clearly showed my obsession for travel.

We then used this connection between Open Lab’s design process and our own ephemera to form a workshop that helped the audience explore who they are as a brand and what makes them special. This collaborative and creative workshop created a safe space for our audience to discover and create something personal they generally wouldn’t in their day to day life – resulting in something they can take home and become a piece of ephemera of their own.

In the workshop, we went through an array of activities from choosing a coloured felt that best represents yourself, to drawing yourself as a small kitchen appliance or mythical creature. All the activities resulted in a word, colour or drawing that reflected their persona and contributed to a toolbox of content which was then used in the finale. The conclusion was visually communicating yourself on a 50mm square card. Obviously, everyone found this difficult, even Michael and I who are visual communicators struggled. In the end, everyone resulted in a card that was completely different and special in its own way (see image above).

We really wanted to encourage the audience to understand what makes them special and use this as an advantage, their own super power, niche or brand. After presenting what our cards said about us we put them all together, displaying a diverse array of personalities, colour and wackiness, resulting in a fun, supportive and creative experience for all. 

Go check out the exhibition:
Humble: the life of 100 small objects
28 August — 17 November 2017

10am-5pm, Monday to Saturday
Turnbull Gallery, Level one

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Connah Hazelwood,
Junior Designer


Photo credit: Llewelyn Jones, Imaging Technician/Photographer, Imaging Team, Alexander Turnbull Library.