Bluebridge Cook Strait Ferries

StraitNZ is a nationwide transport network consisting of Bluebridge Cook Strait Ferries, Linehaul and Freight Forwarding. The repositioning of these entities required a communication overhaul.


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We were initially contacted by Theta, an IT consultancy, who asked us to join forces with them to create an online platform and retail site. The project involved a lot of moving parts, with four separate agencies producing different parts of the rebrand at the same time.


Theta delivered the back and front end development, while we took care of the design and UX of the two digital platforms. Two other agencies were in charge of creating the rebrand and advertising. We understood that we would all have to work together to get the best result for the client.


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The design process was very iterative, as we were constantly re-evaluating and adjusting, to keep consistent with the other designs that were being developed in real-time. To keep on track we had regular practical meetings, getting our designs up on screen and on walls so our client could be involved in the whole design process. Our collaboration resulted in a clean, Kiwi and functional website showcasing the expertise of the different teams involved.

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