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Join your co-hosts, hype-queen Connah Hazelwood and Creative Director Michael Kelly, for monthly episodes as they open up conversations about the transition between University life and the design industry.

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Season 1

We interview visual communication designers and connect emergent design thinkers with real-talks about experiences and choices these guests made as they jumped between University life and the design industry.

Conversation topics include the realities of job hunting, life of a freelancer, being a digital nomad and confessions about using a power pose before job interviews. You’ll find out what it is like during your final year at University – the struggles and hurdles, and you’ll gain advice from fellow fourth years.

This casual, feel-good and entertaining season dives deep into side hustles, passion projects and the importance of selfcare and wellbeing.


Season 2

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We are bringing you another eight episodes and this season we are stepping out of our comfort zone, reaching out and having some real-talks with creatives from all majors across the College of Creative Arts – who will share their experiences and the choices they make as they enter the creative industries.

Look forward to hearing from undergraduate designers from Industrial, Fashion or Textiles, Creative Media Production, Music, Photography, Spatial, Illustration, and Fine Arts.


"It’s hard to find content specifically targeted for young designers transitioning from tertiary education to the big wide world.

As a student with a looming conclusion to my studies I really appreciate the niche that Michael and Connah are filling with this podcast, definitely leaves me more prepared for what comes next.

Not to mention an otherwise very entertaining listen."

– Jacob